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DS-K2M060 Secure Door Control Module

  • Secure module
  • Communicates with the access control terminal via RS-485
  • Connects door magnetic signal, exit button signal and tamper-proof signal
  • Supports RS-485 communication indicators to show communication status
  • Supports a Wiegand interface to connect a Wiegand card reader to enter/exit access control terminal by swiping card
  • Accessible Card Reader: 1 Wiegand reader, Uplink Communication Interface: RS-485 Interface
  • Input interface: Door Magnetic×1, Door Switch×1, Tamper-proof×1
  • Output interface: Door Switch Relay×1, Alarm Relay×1.DC 12V.

DS-K4E100 Pro Series Electric Motor Lock

  • Intelligent Electric Lock, don’t need to distinguish the door direction, left and right sides, both inside and outside the door, can be universal
  • Working Current: DC 12V ± 10%.

DS-K4H250D Double-door Magnetic Lock

Double-door Magnetic Lock

  • Supports static linear thrust of 2 x 300kg;
  • Working Current: 12V/500mA×2 24V/250mA×2.

DS-K4H250S Single-door Magnetic Lock

Single-door Magnetic Lock

  • supports static linear thrust of 300kg;
  • Working Current: DC12V(500 mA) / 24VAC(250 mA).

DS-K4H450D Double-door Magnetic Lock

  • Supports static linear thrust of 2 x 450kg;
  • Working Current: 12V/500mA×2, 24V/250mA×2.

DS-K4H450S Single-door Magnetic Lock

  • Supports static linear thrust of 450kg;
  • Working Current: DC12V(500 mA) / 24VAC(250 mA).

DS-K4T100 Pro Series Bolt Electric Lock

  • Electric bolt, polished and brushed stainless steel, upport thrust of 800kg
  • Working current: 900mA(Startup current), 100mA (standby), 12VDC + 10%
  • Capable of 500,000 locking operations
  • Suitable for wooden door, glass door, metal door and fireproof door
  • Signal output of door lock status

DS-KAB671-S Protective Shield

  • Protective Shield for DS-K1T671 Face Recognition Terminal

DS-KAB671F Fingerprint Module

  • The Fingerprint Module for DS-K1T671M、DS-K1T671TMW,which is also applicable to DS-K1T607TMW,DS-K1T607TE、DS-K1T607PMW、DS-K1T607PE、DS-K1T607MW、DS-K1T607E

IC S50 Mifare Card

  • Mifare 1 Contactless Smart card, Frequency: 13.56MHz.